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Federal Government Information 


        CIA letter to Henry Kissinger on 19740920 (PDF)

    Great Seal of the United States of America 

        Information about the Great Seal of the United States of America (PDF)


        List of Presidents and their terms of office 

    Social Security

        Information on what the numbers mean 


        1913 Federal Income Tax Form 1040 (PDF)

    Washington Special Action Group

        Meeting info from meeting of 19730920 (PDF)

Local Government Information 

    Borough Government

    City Government 

        City Mayor

    County Government 

        County Commissioners 

        County Treasurer 

    Town Government

    Township Government 

        Township Planning Commission 

        Township Secretary

        Township Supervisors

        Township Zoning Board

        Township Zoning Officer

    Village Government

State Government Information

   Municipal Planning Code for Pennsylvania (PDF)
   Municipal Planning Code for Pennsylvania as Revised through 2005 (PDF)

World Government Information  

     (Pray to God that we never get a real world government)