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Air Compressors

    Kellogg Model 321 Expanded view and information  (MHT) 

Cordless Drill

    Funny cordless drill movie (WMV)

Cooper Industries

     History of Cooper Industries and Cooper Tools  (TXT)

Danaher Corp (Link good on 03 June 2004)

    Danaher Annual Report  (PDF)

Drill bits

    Photographs of very small drill bits (HTM)

Hydraulic Jacks

    Air Bottle Hydraulic Jack Expanded view (PDF)

    BottleJack420053 Owners manual and Safety Information (PDF)

    BottleJack845-000-156-A  Expanded view (PDF)

    Lincoln 2 ton Floor Jack430655 Expanded view (PDF)

    Transmission Jack 1/2 Ton Expanded view (PDF) 

Pencil sharpeners
    Old pencil sharpeners (MHT)


    Wood plane, intricate (JPG)

    Wood plane, very small (JPG) 


    Pumps main Page  


    Screwdriver, Very Large (JPG)

Union Butterfield Tools 

Using Tools

    How to read Vernier Calipers

Utica Tools

    Utica Tool Catalog