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1913 Federal Income Tax Form 1040 (PDF)

12 inch firework being loaded into tube (JPG) 

19730920 Washington Special Actions Group Meeting Info (PDF)

19740920 CIA letter to Henry Kissinger (PDF) 

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300 carat diamonds can be manmade (HTM) 

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Administrations of the United States of America and their terms of office 

Air powered hydraulic jack (Expanded View) (PDF) 

Airflow as relating to Internal Combustion Engines (1) (PDF)  

Ancient copper mines around Lake Superior 

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Animated 2 cycle engine (GIF)

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Bear drinks 36 beers and passes out (HTM) (From the internet) 

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Berlin Initiative for the International Whaling Commission (PDF) 

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Bottle jack expanded view and parts list (PDF)

Bottle jack safety information and owners manual (PDF) 

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Bronze Cannon at Gettysburg (.JPG) 

Bucket truck (Photograph) (.JPG) 

Bursting Thermometer (Animation) (.GIF) 

Cannons at Gettysburg (Photograph page) 

Carburetor float valve, how to set on a Farmall Cub ( All 3 pages)  (Page1, Page 2, Page 3) (PDF)

Catalog of street rod parts

Catalog of taps and dies made by Hanson (PDF) 

Cell phones exploding due to bad batteries. (WRD)

Check valves (Diagram of how they work) (GIF) 

Check valves and pumps (HTM)

CIA letter to Henry Kissinger on 19740920 (PDF)

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Cooper Tools and Cooper Industries Information (TXT)

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Copper mining around Lake Superior in ancient times  (TXT) 

Cotter pin (Diagram) (GIF)  

Cotter pins 1 (Information page) (HTM) 

Cougar (See Mountain Lion)

Council of Nicaea (HTM)

CPR class pictures 2003 (HTM)

CPR class pictures 2005 (HTM)

Danaher Annual Report for 2001 (PDF) 

Deciduous tree info (PDF)

Diagram of a bolt (GIF) 

Diamonds, Gold, and South Africa  (HTM) 

Diamonds can be made up to 300 carat (HTM) 

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Dinosaur prints found in Maryland (HTM)

Drill bits (Very small) (Photograph page)

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Election results 08 November 2005 Lawrence County Pennsylvania 

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Engine weight (HTM) (Weight of various engines)

Engine weight (HTM) Various Ford engines)

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Exploded view of air powered bottle jack (PDF)

Exploded view of bottle jack (PDF)

Exploded view of Lincoln floor jack (PDF) 

Exploded view of hydraulic transmission jack (PDF)

Exploding cell phones (WRD) 

Fantastic Trip PowerPoint Show about the Powers of Ten (PPS) 

Federal Income tax form for 1913 (PDF)

Fireworks Main Page  

First Council of Nicaea (HTM)

Flatland by Abbot (Complete text of the book) (HTM) 

Food main page (HTM)

Friend to Friend Memorial at Gettysburg (Photograph page) 

Fundamentals of magnetos by Fairbanks-Morse 

Fundamentals of magnetos by Fairbanks-Morse shown as thumbnail images 

Gears Turning (Animation) (GIF) 

Gettysburg Cannon (Photograph page)

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Glossary of Electrical Power Line Terms (PDF)

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Gold purification with the Indian Mustard Plant (TXT) 

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Great Seal of the United States of America (PDF)

Hanson Tap and Die Catalog (PDF) 

Homepage of this website (HTM) 

How check valves and pumps work (HTM)

How heavy are some automobile engines (HTM) 

How numbers got their shape (PPS) (PPT) (True?)

How to build a simple steam engine (HTM)

How to measure with Vernier Calipers (HTM) 

How to remove a stuck piston from an old engine 1 (MHT) 

How to set the float valve on a Farmall Cub carburetor ( All 3 pages)  (Page1, Page 2, Page 3) (PDF) 

How pencils are made (PDF) 

How pumps and check valves work (HTM) 

How Wire is Made  (HTM) 

Hydraulic Portable Hand Jack Safety information and owners manual (PDF) 

Ignition system, magnetos 

Income tax form for 1913 (PDF)

Indian Mustard Plant and Gold (TXT) 

International Whaling Commission Information (Berlin Initiative) (PDF)

Jack, Portable bottle (Owners manual and safety information) (PDF) 

Jack, Portable bottle (Parts list and expanded view) (PDF)

Jack, Transmission (Expanded view and parts list) (PDF)

John Deere Backhoe and International Cub Lo Boy Tractor (Photograph) (JPG) 

Kidd's Mill Park and Covered Bridge Photograph Page. (HTM)

Kinzua Bridge Information and Photograph Page (HTM) 

Kissinger, Henry Info from 19730920 (Washington Special Actions Group Meeting)

Kissinger, Henry Info from 19740920  (Letter from the CIA)

Kron, Gabriel and the negative resistor (HTM) 

Lake Superior's ancient copper mines  (TXT) 

Lester Moore's Tombstone (Photograph) (JPG) 

Lincoln Floor Jack Expanded view (PDF)

Lincoln Floor Jack Information page (HTM) 

Little Big Horn Massacre (TXT) (Article from  July, 1876 newspaper)

Little Round Top at Gettysburg (Photograph page)   

Magnetos main page 

Magneto fundamentals by Fairbanks-Morse 

Magneto fundamentals by Fairbanks-Morse shown as thumbnail images 

Making Wire 

Man made 300 carat diamonds (HTM) 

Manual for Driving in Pennsylvania (PDF) 

Masonic Friend to Friend Memorial at Gettysburg (Photograph page) 

Massey Harris tractor (Photograph) (JPG) 

Meteorite hit in Peru mid September 2007 (PDF) 

Military Main Page (HTM)

Minnesota Deciduous tree info (PDF)

Misc. Info Page 1 Main Page (HTM)

Misc. Photographs around Gettysburg (Photograph Page) 

"Mississippi Burning" case reopened (HTM) 

Mountain Lion Photograph1 (Walking)

Mountain Lion Photograph2 (Running)

Mountain Lion Main Page (HTM) 

Mountain Lion Main Page, Pennsylvania (HTM) 

Municipal Planning Code for Pennsylvania 

Municipal Planning Code for Pennsylvania as Revised through 2005 (PDF)

Negative Resistors (HTM) 

New tactic for spammers  (HTM)

Newcomen Atmospheric Engine (Animation on a web page) (Page copied from the internet)

Newcomen Atmospheric Engine (2) (Animated web page) (Page copied from the internet) 

Newcomen Atmospheric Engine (3) Information (PFD) 

Numbers, How they got their shape (PPS) (PPT

Numbers Main Page (HTM) 

Olive oil info 1 (HTM) 

Patent Issue Dates by Year and Number 

Patent Issue Dates and Info (PDF)

Patent No 1. (HTM)

Patents Main Page 

Pencils Main Page 

Pencil Sharpeners, Old (MHT)

Pennsylvania Drivers Manual (PDF)

Pennsylvania Municipal Planning Code   (PDF)

Photographs of CPR class in Mrs. K's room (Photograph page)

Photographs of fireworks display setup 1 (Photograph page)

Photographs of fireworks display setup 2 (Photograph page)

Photographs of fireworks display setup 3 (Photograph page)

Photograph of intricate wood plane (JPG) 

Photograph of large screwdriver (JPG)

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Photographs of old pencil sharpeners (Photo page and information)

Photograph of small wood plane (JPG) 

Photographs of Vehicles 1 (Photograph page) 

Plans to build a simple steam engine (HTM) 

Potash production (In The First Patent) (HTM)

Powerline Glossary (PDF) 

Powerline Handbook 1 (PDF) 

Powers of Ten Main Page (HTM) 

Powers of Ten PowerPoint Show (PPS) 

Presidents and their terms of office (HTM) 

Puma (See Mountain Lion)

Pumping water with a Newcomen Atmospheric Engine (HTM) (Page copied from the internet) 

Pumps (Diagram of how they work) (GIF)  

Pumps and check valves (HTM)  (Page copied from the internet) 

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Rare steaks (JPG) 

Religious Main Page (HTM)

Removing a stuck piston from an old engine (MHT)

Repairing Engines Main Page (HTM) 

Rest Room at Kidd's Mill Park (JPG) 

Robert E. Lee Memorial at Gettysburg (Picture page)

Saw cutting metal (Animation) (GIF) 

Screwdriver, very large (JPG) 

Shamrocks (Clipart) 

Shenango River at Kidd's Mill Park (JPG) 

Sickness caused by meteorite in Peru? (PDF)

Social Security Numbers and what they mean  

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Squirrel lifting hat (Animation) (GIF) 

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Steam engine plans and directions (1) (HTM)

Street rod parts catalog (PDF) 

Tap and Die Catalog (PDF) 

Terms used with electrical powerlines (PDF) 

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Transmission Jack expanded view (PDF) 

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Utica Tool Company Catalog (PDF) 

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Vernier Calipers, How to measure with  (HTM) 

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Washington Special Actions Group Meeting Info from 19730920 (PDF)

Weight of various automobile engines (HTM) (From the internet)

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Wood plane, very intricate (JPG)

Wood plane, very small (JPG)

World War 1 veterans are now scarce. (.ASP)