Worksheets about Trigonometric Functions


20021001_2317 Determine trig functions and interpolation (PDF question)  (PDF answer)

20040929_0014 Solve all of 1 right triangle (PDF question) (PDF answer

20070226_1141 Write 3 trig expressions in terms of tangent (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20071203_1141 Solve for various parts of a triangle with trig functions (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20060419_1116 Find component vectors of 3.15in at18.43 deg. (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20071205_0857 Solving various parts of triangles using trig functions. (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20071210_1603 Solve 4 triangles for unknown parts (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080104_1458 10 question very basic trig quiz  (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080114_0859 Finding angle using tangent definition and graph paper (Information sheet)

20080311_0953 Quiz 8 questions on various sine curves (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20090901_0000 Basic Trig Test (PDF question) (PDF answer)