Forces Worksheets


20070220_2359 Force of friction, acceleration, mass. final velocity (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20071121_1342 Forces involving a 2000lb automobile on a ramp (PDF question) (PDF answer

20080212_1008 Forces with 3000lb car on ramp problem (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080213_1004 Find Force to accelerate 500kg at 4m/s/s (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080213_1049 Find Tension in Rope holding 200 kg on Earth (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080213_1215 Find Tension in rope holding 100 kg with acceleration (PDF information sheet)

20080213_1234 Find Tension in rope holding 100 kg with upward acceleration (PDF information sheet)

20080213_1240 Find Force to accelerate 1000kg car (PDF information sheet)

20080213_1240 Find Force to accelerate 1000kg car (PDF information sheet)

20080215_2050 Force exerted by 1kg on frictionless surface (PDF information sheet)

20080215_2101 Tension in rope holding up 1kg on Earth (PDF information sheet)

20080215_2115 Force to accelerate 1kg at 2 m/s on surface (PDF information sheet)

20080215_2130 Force to chance velocity of car from 10 to 30 m/s (PDF information sheet)

20080215_2221 A 1n Force on 2kg for 3 sec Find Velocity etc. (PDF information sheet)

20080215_2253 Force to accelerate 5kg from rest to 20m/s in 10m (PDF information sheet)

20080218_2226 Force down ramp of 10kg on 30 deg slope (PDF information sheet)

20080218_2307 Find Force of friction of 10 kg on surface (PDF information sheet)

20080218_2352 Find Coef. of Friction for 10n to move 20kg (PDF information sheet)

20080219_1737 Find force to hold 100kg on 20deg incline (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080219_2334 Find force to acc. 180 grain bullet to 3000fps (PDF information sheet)

20080220_0004 Find velocity of5kg after 10n force acts for 20sec. (PDF information sheet)

20080220_1013 Find force to overcome friction (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080220_1908 Find distance a 900n force on rope moves an object up (PDF information sheet)

20080221_0806 Find gravitational attraction between 100kg & 50 kg (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080228_1436 Find tension in wire to support 80kg (PDF information sheet)

20080228_1444 Find tension in wire to support 100 newton object (PDF information sheet)

20080228_1506 Find tension to accelerate 60 kg upward (PDF information sheet)

20080228_1515 Find maximum mass a cable can accelerate upward (PDF information sheet)

20080303_1550 Find Coefficient of friction with acceleration (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080303_1556 Find Coefficient of friction without acceleration (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080303_1614 Find tension in cable from torque on a hinged beam (PDF question) (PDF answer

20080303_1713 Find tension in cable from beam supporting 100kg (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080304_1442 Tension from buoyancy holding a helium balloon (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080306_0812 Find mass accelerated by 50 kg hanging object (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080306_1627 Find hanging mass needed to accelerate 80 kg at 11m/s/s. (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080307_1455 Acceleration and tension of two masses over a pulley (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080311_1239 Find force to accelerate 98N on planet x (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080311_1329 Find force to accelerate 5kg on planet x (PDF question) (PDF answer)

20080313_0847 Find mass to cause acceleration over pulley (PDF question) (PDF answer)