Creating a checkbook register in a spreadsheet.

 This is designed to work with Microsoft Excel but with some modifications it should work with any spreadsheet program.  Modifications may not even be needed.  Do not type the quotation marks - only type the text between them.  

When entering a number or a formula you may need to click on the equal sign every time to make it work.

1.  Open Microsoft Excel. and start a new Worksheet then use Save As to save it in your folder with the name of "YourNameCheckbook". Why should you save the file before you start working on the file?  If your name is Robert Smith name your file "RobertSmithCheckbook".

2.  In cell A1 enter “Checkbook for YOUR NAME” (Use your real name then press Enter.)

3.  With the mouse highlight cells A1 thru G1.

4.  Click on the Merge and Center icon in the toolbar. Move the mouse over each of the icons in the toolbar so you can see what each icon is used for.  This icon is rectangular in shape with a somewhat white background, an "a" in the center with arrows pointing away from the "a".

5.  In cell A2 type “Check#”.  Press [Enter].

6.  In cell B2 type “Date”..  Press [Enter].

7.  In cell C2 type “Transaction”.  Press [Enter].

8.  In cell D2 type “Ck. Amt.” or “Debit”.  Press [Enter].

9.  In cell E2 type “Deposit” or “Credit”.  Press [Enter].

10.  In cell F2 type “Cleared”.  Press [Enter]. This is so you can make an entry when you get notice from the bank that the transaction has been completed.  This information will be on the monthly statement from the bank.

11.  In cell G2 type “Balance”.  Press [Enter].

12.  In cell B3 enter today’s date.  Press [Enter].

13.  In cell C3 type “Initial Deposit”.  Press [Enter].

14.  In cell E3 type “1000.00”.  Press [Enter].

15.  In cell G3 type “-D3+E3”.  Press [Enter].

16.  In cell G4 type “+G3-D4+E4”  Press [Enter].

17.  In the lower right hand corner of cell G4 there is a small black square.  Place the mouse pointer on the small black square and hold down the left mouse button, then slide the mouse pointer down until you reach cell G20.  Release the left mouse button and cells G4 thru G20 should all show the same number.

18.  Slide the mouse pointer to the bar where the column labels are shown and double click on the bar between columns C and D to expand the size of the column as needed.

19.  Place the mouse pointer in Cell D3  and while holding down the left mouse button slide the mouse down to Cell G20.  Then click Format on the menu bar.  Then choose Cells.  Then choose Number.  Then set decimal points to be 2 (It is probably already selected.).  Then click OK.  This will set all numeric entries to have 2 decimal points.

20.  In row 4 enter a check # 101 written to "The Pizza Shop" for the amount of $9.98.  This should result in a balance of 990.02 in cells G4 thru G20.

21  Save your file using "Save" with a name of "My_Checkbook"