Honors Physics Assignments 2007-8

First quarter

29 August 2007 Wednesday Packet of worksheets for the trigonometry needed for physics class
30 August 2007 Thursday Additional work on the trigonometry needed for physics
31 August 2007 Friday Additional work on the trigonometry needed for physics
03 September 2007 Monday Labor Day. No classes today.
04 September 2007 Tuesday Discussion and explanation of the Law of Sines and the Law of Cosines
05 September 2007 Wednesday Practice test on the trigonometry needed for physics
06 September 2007 Thursday Go over the practice test and prepare for a test tomorrow that will count as a grade.
07 September 2007 Friday Test on the trigonometry needed for physics. (20070906_1448 Questions) (20070906_1448 Answers)
10 September 2007 Monday Students will get their packet of information for Chapter 1. Read through page 8.
11 September 2008 Tuesday Discussion on Length, Mass, Time, Matter, and Dimensional Analysis.  Written assignment is page 18 # 1 through 5 for tomorrow.
12 September 2007 Wednesday Go over homework problems that were due today.  Discussion on English and SI units of measure, conversion of units, and Order of magnitude calculations, and order of magnitude rounding.  Assign reading to the end of Chapter 1.
13 September 2007 Thursday Discussion on the discovery that the standard kilogram seems to have lost some mass over the years and why that could be important.  Explanation of the factor-label method for conversions.
14 September 2007 Friday Discussion on coordinate systems.  Written assignment is page 18 # 6 through 10 for the next class. Discussion on significant figures.
17 September 2007 Monday Go over homework due today. Additional work with significant figures. Finish discussion of chapter 1.  Assign page 18 # 11 through 20 for tomorrow.
18 September 2007 Tuesday Go over homework due today. Review for test tomorrow.
19 September 2007 Wednesday Test on significant figures and conversions using the factor-label method. (20070918_1452 questions) (20070918_1452_Answers)  The teacher will not be in school this day.
20 September 2007 Thursday  
21 September 2007 Friday  
24 September 2007 Monday Go over test from last Wednesday.  Show how to do the problems correctly.  Assignment is for each student to work out the test again for homework for practice
25 September 2007 Tuesday Finish review of test.  Retest tomorrow.
26 September 2007 Wednesday Short periods due to early dismissal for Meet the Teachers event. Retest of conversions. (20070924_1801_Questions) (20070924_1801_Answers)  Students may use a calculator to take this test.  Work must be shown and answers must be given to the correct number of significant digits, in proper scientific notation, and with the correct units of measure.  No visible work results in no points for the problem.
27 September 2007 Thursday Finish the test today.
28 September 2007 Friday Go over the test. Assignment for Monday is Chapter 1 problems # 35 - 43.
01 October 2007 Monday Go over homework. Assignment for tomorrow is Chapter 1 problems 44 through 49. (#44)(#45)(#46)(#47)(#48)(#49
02 October 2007 Tuesday Over homework 
03 October 2007 Wednesday Finish Homework 
04 October 2007 Thursday Review of trig, conversions, etc. and finish problems 53-55
05 October 2007 Friday Review for test next Wed & Thurs. on Ch1
08 October 2007 Monday No School
09 October 2007 Tuesday No class due to spirit week
10 October 2007 Wednesday Test on Ch 1. Short classes.
11 October 2007 Thursday Continue test on chapter 1. (Short day today)
12 October 2007 Friday No Classes today
15 October 2007 Monday Finish test con Chapter 1
16 October 2007 Tuesday Pass out info on Chapter 2 and provide overview of motion.
17 October 2007 Wednesday No class due to national testing day
18 October 2007 Thursday No real class due to all juniors being on retreat
19 October 2007 Friday Discuss distance, displacement, velocity, speed, and acceleration. Assign problem 1 through 6 (#1)(#2)(#3)(#4)
22 October 2007 Monday Return and go over test on Chapter 1
23 October 2007 Tuesday Go over homework problems.  Homework for tomorrow is Chapter 2 #5-9. (#5)(#6)(#7)(#8)(#9)
26 October 2007 Friday Over homework.
29 October 2007 Monday Over Homework. Homework for tomorrow is #17 through 20. (#17)(#18)(#19)(#20)
30 October 2007 Tuesday Over Homework
31 October 2007 Wednesday End of 1st Quarter