Advanced Physics 2013-2014 Period 2 

Date Day/Week In Class Information Assignment for the next class.
26-Aug-13 Monday Day1.  Take roll give introduction to course None
27-Aug-13 Tuesday Day2 Take roll and start review of physics and math.  Pass out books and record book numbers and make seating charts. Review the parts of the book that were covered last year and be ready to answer questions.
28-Aug-13 Wednesday Day 3 Take roll and continue review of physics and math. None
29-Aug-13 Thursday Day 4 Continue review None
30-Aug-13 Friday Day 5 No Class Due to Mass at Notre Name Church N/A
31-Aug-13 Saturday No School Weekend
1-Sep-13 Sunday No School Weekend
2-Sep-13 Monday No School Vacation Day  Labor Day Vacation
3-Sep-13 Tuesday Day 6 Review  Worksheet for homework
4-Sep-13 Wednesday Day 7 Collect or check review homework. Show answers. Worksheet for homework
5-Sep-13 Thursday Day 8 Collect of check review homework. Show Answers Worksheets for homework
6-Sep-13 Friday Day 9 Collect of check review homework. Show Answers
7-Sep-13 Saturday No School Weekend
8-Sep-13 Sunday No School Weekend
9-Sep-13 Monday
10-Sep-13 Tuesday
11-Sep-13 Wednesday
Saturday No School Weekend
Sunday No School Weekend
Saturday No School Weekend
Sunday No School Weekend
24-Sep-12 Monday
25-Sep-12 Tuesday
26-Sep-12 Wednesday
27-Sep-12 Thursday
28-Sep-12 Friday
29-Sep-12 Saturday No School Weekend
30-Sep-12 Sunday No School Weekend
1-Oct-12 Monday
2-Oct-12 Tuesday
3-Oct-12 Wednesday
4-Oct-12 Thursday
5-Oct-12 Friday
6-Oct-12 Saturday No School Weekend
7-Oct-12 Sunday No School Weekend
8-Oct-12 Monday No School Vacation Day
9-Oct-12 Tuesday
10-Oct-12 Wednesday
11-Oct-12 Thursday
12-Oct-12 Friday
13-Oct-12 Saturday No School Weekend
14-Oct-12 Sunday No School Weekend
15-Oct-12 Monday
16-Oct-12 Tuesday
17-Oct-12 Wednesday No class National Testing Day
18-Oct-12 Thursday Assigned take home test due on Monday 22 Oct 2012. Hardcopy of this was passed out on 18 Oct 2012 during class.  If you did not get the hardcopy or if you lose it you can download it from the link shown here. 

201210161601 Motion questions 

You can print it out or simply copy down the information and work the problems on other paper.  


19-Oct-12 Friday No School for students
20-Oct-12 Saturday No School Weekend
21-Oct-12 Sunday No School Weekend
22-Oct-12 Monday  Take home test 201210161601 Motion questions due at the beginning of class today.
23-Oct-12 Tuesday Test Part 1
24-Oct-12 Wednesday Test Part 2 
25-Oct-12 Thursday Discuss Vectors.  Give examples. 
26-Oct-12 Friday Worksheet on Vectors Finish Worksheet given out for Monday
27-Oct-12 Saturday No School
28-Oct-12 Sunday No School
29-Oct-12 Monday Go over Vector homework problems Check Vector homework. Three addition vector problems given for tomorrow
30-Oct-12 Tuesday
31-Oct-12 Wednesday Halloween (7th pd Class Short due to pep rally)
1-Nov-12 Thursday Start of 2nd quarter (Class short due to mass) Navigation vector example during class
2-Nov-12 Friday
3-Nov-12 Saturday No School
4-Nov-12 Sunday No School
5-Nov-12 Monday
6-Nov-12 Tuesday
7-Nov-12 Wednesday
8-Nov-12 Thursday
9-Nov-12 Friday
10-Nov-12 Saturday No School
11-Nov-12 Sunday No School
12-Nov-12 Monday
13-Nov-12 Tuesday
14-Nov-12 Wednesday
15-Nov-12 Thursday
16-Nov-12 Friday
17-Nov-12 Saturday No School
18-Nov-12 Sunday No School
19-Nov-12 Monday
20-Nov-12 Tuesday
21-Nov-12 Wednesday
22-Nov-12 Thursday No School
23-Nov-12 Friday No School
24-Nov-12 Saturday No School
25-Nov-12 Sunday No School
26-Nov-12 Monday No School
27-Nov-12 Tuesday
28-Nov-12 Wednesday
29-Nov-12 Thursday
30-Nov-12 Friday
1-Dec-12 Saturday No School
2-Dec-12 Sunday No School
3-Dec-12 Monday
4-Dec-12 Tuesday
5-Dec-12 Wednesday
6-Dec-12 Thursday
7-Dec-12 Friday
8-Dec-12 Saturday No School
9-Dec-12 Sunday No School
10-Dec-12 Monday Review for Test Tomorrow
11-Dec-12 Tuesday Review for Test Tomorrow
12-Dec-12 Wednesday Test  Vectors and Projectiles.
13-Dec-12 Thursday
14-Dec-12 Friday
15-Dec-12 Saturday No School
16-Dec-12 Sunday No School
17-Dec-12 Monday
18-Dec-12 Tuesday
19-Dec-12 Wednesday
20-Dec-12 Thursday
21-Dec-12 Friday Short Day
22-Dec-12 Saturday No School
23-Dec-12 Sunday No School
24-Dec-12 Monday No School
25-Dec-12 Tuesday No School
26-Dec-12 Wednesday No School
27-Dec-12 Thursday No School
28-Dec-12 Friday No School
29-Dec-12 Saturday No School
30-Dec-12 Sunday No School
31-Dec-12 Monday No School
1-Jan-13 Tuesday No School
2-Jan-13 Wednesday No School
3-Jan-13 Thursday
4-Jan-13 Friday Problems 9 through 12
5-Jan-13 Saturday No School
6-Jan-13 Sunday No School
7-Jan-13 Monday Go over 9 - 12 Problems 13 through 15
8-Jan-13 Tuesday
9-Jan-13 Wednesday
10-Jan-13 Thursday
11-Jan-13 Friday
12-Jan-13 Saturday
13-Jan-13 Sunday
14-Jan-13 Monday
15-Jan-13 Tuesday
16-Jan-13 Wednesday
17-Jan-13 Thursday
18-Jan-13 Friday
19-Jan-13 Saturday
20-Jan-13 Sunday
21-Jan-13 Monday
22-Jan-13 Tuesday
23-Jan-13 Wednesday
24-Jan-13 Thursday
25-Jan-13 Friday
26-Jan-13 Saturday
27-Jan-13 Sunday
28-Jan-13 Monday
29-Jan-13 Tuesday
30-Jan-13 Wednesday
31-Jan-13 Thursday
1-Feb-13 Friday
2-Feb-13 Saturday
3-Feb-13 Sunday
4-Feb-13 Monday
5-Feb-13 Tuesday
6-Feb-13 Wednesday
7-Feb-13 Thursday
8-Feb-13 Friday
9-Feb-13 Saturday
10-Feb-13 Sunday
11-Feb-13 Monday
12-Feb-13 Tuesday
13-Feb-13 Wednesday
14-Feb-13 Thursday
15-Feb-13 Friday
16-Feb-13 Saturday
17-Feb-13 Sunday
18-Feb-13 Monday
19-Feb-13 Tuesday
20-Feb-13 Wednesday
21-Feb-13 Thursday
22-Feb-13 Friday
23-Feb-13 Saturday
24-Feb-13 Sunday
25-Feb-13 Monday
26-Feb-13 Tuesday
27-Feb-13 Wednesday
28-Feb-13 Thursday
1-Mar-13 Friday
2-Mar-13 Saturday
3-Mar-13 Sunday
4-Mar-13 Monday
5-Mar-13 Tuesday
6-Mar-13 Wednesday
7-Mar-13 Thursday
8-Mar-13 Friday
9-Mar-13 Saturday
10-Mar-13 Sunday
11-Mar-13 Monday
12-Mar-13 Tuesday
13-Mar-13 Wednesday
14-Mar-13 Thursday
15-Mar-13 Friday
16-Mar-13 Saturday
17-Mar-13 Sunday
18-Mar-13 Monday
19-Mar-13 Tuesday
20-Mar-13 Wednesday
21-Mar-13 Thursday
22-Mar-13 Friday
23-Mar-13 Saturday
24-Mar-13 Sunday
25-Mar-13 Monday
26-Mar-13 Tuesday
27-Mar-13 Wednesday
28-Mar-13 Thursday
29-Mar-13 Friday
30-Mar-13 Saturday
31-Mar-13 Sunday
1-Apr-13 Monday
2-Apr-13 Tuesday
3-Apr-13 Wednesday
4-Apr-13 Thursday
5-Apr-13 Friday
6-Apr-13 Saturday
7-Apr-13 Sunday
8-Apr-13 Monday
9-Apr-13 Tuesday
10-Apr-13 Wednesday
11-Apr-13 Thursday
12-Apr-13 Friday
13-Apr-13 Saturday
14-Apr-13 Sunday
15-Apr-13 Monday
16-Apr-13 Tuesday
17-Apr-13 Wednesday
18-Apr-13 Thursday
19-Apr-13 Friday
20-Apr-13 Saturday
21-Apr-13 Sunday
22-Apr-13 Monday
23-Apr-13 Tuesday
24-Apr-13 Wednesday
25-Apr-13 Thursday
26-Apr-13 Friday
27-Apr-13 Saturday
28-Apr-13 Sunday
29-Apr-13 Monday
30-Apr-13 Tuesday
1-May-13 Wednesday
2-May-13 Thursday
3-May-13 Friday
4-May-13 Saturday
5-May-13 Sunday
6-May-13 Monday
7-May-13 Tuesday
8-May-13 Wednesday
9-May-13 Thursday
10-May-13 Friday
11-May-13 Saturday
12-May-13 Sunday
13-May-13 Monday
14-May-13 Tuesday
15-May-13 Wednesday
16-May-13 Thursday
17-May-13 Friday
18-May-13 Saturday
19-May-13 Sunday
20-May-13 Monday
21-May-13 Tuesday
22-May-13 Wednesday
23-May-13 Thursday
24-May-13 Friday
25-May-13 Saturday
26-May-13 Sunday
27-May-13 Monday
28-May-13 Tuesday
29-May-13 Wednesday
30-May-13 Thursday
31-May-13 Friday
1-Jun-13 Saturday
2-Jun-13 Sunday
3-Jun-13 Monday
4-Jun-13 Tuesday
5-Jun-13 Wednesday
6-Jun-13 Thursday
7-Jun-13 Friday
8-Jun-13 Saturday
9-Jun-13 Sunday
10-Jun-13 Monday
11-Jun-13 Tuesday
12-Jun-13 Wednesday
13-Jun-13 Thursday
14-Jun-13 Friday
15-Jun-13 Saturday
16-Jun-13 Sunday
17-Jun-13 Monday
18-Jun-13 Tuesday
19-Jun-13 Wednesday
20-Jun-13 Thursday
21-Jun-13 Friday
22-Jun-13 Saturday
23-Jun-13 Sunday
24-Jun-13 Monday
25-Jun-13 Tuesday
26-Jun-13 Wednesday
27-Jun-13 Thursday
28-Jun-13 Friday
29-Jun-13 Saturday
30-Jun-13 Sunday
1-Jul-13 Monday
2-Jul-13 Tuesday
3-Jul-13 Wednesday
4-Jul-13 Thursday
5-Jul-13 Friday
6-Jul-13 Saturday
7-Jul-13 Sunday
8-Jul-13 Monday
9-Jul-13 Tuesday
10-Jul-13 Wednesday
11-Jul-13 Thursday
12-Jul-13 Friday
13-Jul-13 Saturday
14-Jul-13 Sunday
15-Jul-13 Monday
16-Jul-13 Tuesday
17-Jul-13 Wednesday
18-Jul-13 Thursday
19-Jul-13 Friday
20-Jul-13 Saturday
21-Jul-13 Sunday
22-Jul-13 Monday
23-Jul-13 Tuesday
24-Jul-13 Wednesday
25-Jul-13 Thursday
26-Jul-13 Friday
27-Jul-13 Saturday
28-Jul-13 Sunday
29-Jul-13 Monday
30-Jul-13 Tuesday
31-Jul-13 Wednesday
1-Aug-13 Thursday
2-Aug-13 Friday
3-Aug-13 Saturday
4-Aug-13 Sunday
5-Aug-13 Monday
6-Aug-13 Tuesday
7-Aug-13 Wednesday
8-Aug-13 Thursday
9-Aug-13 Friday
10-Aug-13 Saturday
11-Aug-13 Sunday
12-Aug-13 Monday
13-Aug-13 Tuesday
14-Aug-13 Wednesday
15-Aug-13 Thursday
16-Aug-13 Friday
17-Aug-13 Saturday
18-Aug-13 Sunday
19-Aug-13 Monday
20-Aug-13 Tuesday
21-Aug-13 Wednesday
22-Aug-13 Thursday
23-Aug-13 Friday
24-Aug-13 Saturday
25-Aug-13 Sunday
26-Aug-13 Monday
27-Aug-13 Tuesday
28-Aug-13 Wednesday