200512112135Bubba and the arrow shot upward.

Bubba, the village idiot, shoots an arrow straight up into the air at a velocity of 100.0 meters per second.

A) If he does not move, how long does he have to live?

B) What is the maximum height that the arrow will reach?

C) Where will the arrow be after 7.000 seconds?

D) What is the velocity of the arrow after 13 seconds?

E) After 10 seconds Bubba wises up and decides that he should move so he dives under his Ford F-150 pickup truck, which is parked close by.  Where will the arrow be 30.00 seconds after he shot it into the air?

Other information:  For this problem neglect air resistance.  Assume that the acceleration due to gravity is the usual 9.8 m/s2.  Also assume that there is no wind and that the arrow goes up and down along the exact same path.  Also Bubba releases the arrow 2.000 meters above the ground since he is about 2 meters tall.  All answers are to be accurate to 4 significant digits.  Show your equations and your work.  Think about the directions of the various quantities.