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Physics is probably the most useful subject ever invented.  Just about everything that has ever been invented has been invented using the lessons taught in Physics.  Without Physics there would probably be nothing but nothingness, if that is possible since even nothing can be considered as something!   

I can think of no useful invention that was not created by application of the Laws of Physics, but here probably was at least one! 

Mathematics is mostly a tool for Physics students to use and was probably invented to help someone study Physics. 

 The computer was created to help physicists solve problems quicker without needing to waste their valuable time working out boring mathematical processes. 

Languages are also very important as they allow people to read and discuss Physics and Mathematics.

Also remember that many, if not most, of the great inventions of the world have been created to aid the military in the never ending quest for better and/or more efficient ways to kill and destroy the enemy.  Later these inventions become used for more peaceful purposes.

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Study hard and learn.  

The human race could use a new Einstein.  

Perhaps you may be the next Einstein!  

Knowledge is attained in degrees and cannot everywhere be found.  

You should apply yourself with zeal to the practice and profession of gaining knowledge. 

Strive to become a Polymath.

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