VB Day 09 Create an Icon for your program.

Today we will do something new.  

Most commercial programs have their own icon.  Today you will learn how to create an icon for your visual basic program so you can easily find your program in a folder by looking for your own icon

Create a new folder in your Network Folder folder and change the name of the folder to "ICONS", w/o the quotes. If you do not remember how to make a new folder click here

 To create an icon first click on this link imagedit.exe and  save the file to your folder, or to your desktop,  so you can use the file.  

After you have saved the file read the instruction here on how to create your own icon using imagedit.   

If you have used Microsoft Paint, you should have no trouble using Imagedit.  

Create an icon for each of the programs you have created.  Have fun creating a few icons and saving them.  Remember that icons are small, only 32 by 32, and may be hard to understand so keep them somewhat simple. 

Here is an example of an icon that was created by the teacher for the Hello World Program.

We have created the following programs. 



    Worthless Counter1 



Create an icon for each program and save it in your newly created "ICONS" folder. Use Save as to give it a name that relates to the program for which it was created.