Period 2 & 8 MT

31Mar2008 Monday Today we will start working with Microsoft Excel.
Follow these instructions 
01Apr2008 Tuesday Exercise for today
07Apr2008 Monday Exercise for today 
08Apr2008 Tuesday Exercise for today 
14Apr2008 Monday Exercise4  and Exercise5
15Apr2008 Tuesday Finish Ex05 and then work on Exercise6
21Apr2008 Monday Exercise7 (3 files to email today)
22Apr2008 Tuesday Exercise8 
28Apr2008 Monday Exercise9 and Exercise10
29Apr2008 Tuesday Exercise11 and Exercise12 
05May2008 Monday Exercise13 and Exercise14
06May2008 Tuesday Exercise15 and Exercise16
12May2008 Monday Exercise17  and Exercise 18 
13May2008 Tuesday Review for test
19May2008 Monday Terminology test on Excel
20May2008 Tuesday Clean out your network folder of all work from the 1st three quarters of this year. If there is a term paper or something you wish to keep save it in a new folder, in your network folder, named Keep4NextYear.
26May2008 Monday Memorial Day No School
27May2008 Tuesday Last day of class





























22 January 2008 Tuesday Continue to work on your website
28 January 2008 Monday Continue to work on your website
29 January 2008 Tuesday Continue to work on your website
04 February 2008 Monday Continue to work on your website
05 February 2008 Tuesday Continue to work on your website
11 February 2008 Monday Continue to work on your website
12 February 2008 Tuesday Continue to work on your website
19 February 2008 Tuesday Continue to work on your website
25 February 2008 Monday Continue to work on your website
26 February 2008 Tuesday  
03 March 2008 Monday  
04 March 2008 Tuesday  
10 March 2008 Monday  
11 March 2008 Tuesday  
17 March 2008 Monday  
18 March 2008 Tuesday  
25 March 2008 Tuesday  




04 September 2007 Tuesday Take Roll and discuss class
10 September 2007 Monday Take a computer survey about experience and equipment
11 September 2007 Tuesday Get accounts working in computer room
17 September 2007 Monday Start working with Microsoft Front Page to create a website
18 September 2007 Tuesday Learn about hyperlinks and adding pages to a website
24 September 2007 Monday Start a links page and add links
25 September 2007 Tuesday Create an About Me page and a Site Map page
01 October 2007 Monday Make sure that you website contains the following and that all hyperlinks work. Be sure to have some information on each page.  Also be sure to have a few pictures in your website.  Also you should use various fonts and colors for backgrounds.
1) Index page
2) Home page
3) Hobbies page
4) Links page
5) About Me page
6) Site Map page
7) Class Schedule page and a page for each class
02 October 2007 Tuesday Special Assignment for Today
09 October 2007 Tuesday Finish Special Assignment from last week and also place your design in a web page  in your web site. (NOTE: No 8th period today)
15 October 2007 Monday Today we will learn to insert a table so we can type information around a picture. Create a new page with the correct hyperlinks to get to it. Insert a table as shown in the link.  See this page for some information about using tables
16 October 2007 Tuesday Today we will learn about creating thumbnail images.  They are used to save time downloading a file from the internet.  Just because you really like a picture does not mean that others want to wait for that large picture to be downloaded into their computer.  If they look at a thumbnail picture they can decide if they really want to take the time to download a large version of the picture. 

You have not yet worked with thumbnails (Read the page carefully.) so today you will learn how to create and use a thumbnail image of a photograph or other image.  Click here to learn how to create a thumbnail image of an image.  When creating thumbnails you will be asked where to save the thumbnails.  I save most of mine in the same folder that the pictures are stored in, or in the Images folder so they are easy to find if I want to use them again.

If you want to have a whole page of photographs, say of your 16th birthday party, you should create a subfolder called BirthdayYYYYMMDD in the Images folder and save all the pictures in the folder.  This keeps the pictures all together for easy reference.  Save the thumbnail images in the same folder as the pictures.

22 October 2007 Monday Review for a test tomorrow.
23 October 2007 Tuesday Test on material to date.
29 October 2007 Monday If you missed taking the test last week you must do so today.  Notify the teacher.

Today you will learn how to work with Dynamic Effects. Click here for information. Follow instructions.

 30 October 2007  Tuesday Today you will work with Hover Buttons in your website Click here for instructions.
 05 Nov 2007 Monday  Today you will create a marquee page. Click here for instructions.
 06 Nov 2007 Tuesday Today you will learn how to create a 3 column web page.  Create a 3 column page and provide links to it from your homepage and from your site map page.  Select 3 sports you like, or 3 other topics, or pick you 3 favorite classes and create a page about them.  You can also use your 3 least favorite topics and tell why..  Click here for instructions.
 12 Nov 2007 Monday  Today you will learn to insert an existing page into a new or existing webpage.  Create a new page and put a few lines of info in it telling that you created this page for class.  Include your name and class period.  Something like: "This page was created by Your Name for the KCHS website creating class that meets on Monday and Tuesday 3 period.."  Save it with a name of footer.htm.  Close the page. Then create another new page and tell about the car you want to get when you get a car.  Tell why you want that car.  Find a picture of it if you can.  Insert the picture after you have properly saved the picture in the correct place.  Save the file as MyFutureCar.htm and then add the footer to it by clicking on [Insert] then [Component] then [Insert Page] and select the footer page you created earlier.  Save the MyFutureCar page again. Create hyperlinks to it from your home page and from your site map page.
 13 Nov 2007  Tuesday   Create a new page using File New Page then Wide Body With Headings.  Make a nice page about three topics you would enjoy making a website about. Save it as PotentialWebsites.htm and link it to the home page and the site map page.
 19 Nov 2007 Monday  Here is a link to a list of potential topics for your website.  Pick three of them to finish up your page from last week.  Email the teacher with your list of three topics you would enjoy creating a website about.  List them in order with your favorite first. Email to the correct email address for your class.  Click here for list of email addresses.
 20 Nov 2007  Tuesday  Catch-up day.  Have all pages working
26 Nov 2007 Monday  No School today
 27 Nov 2007  Tuesday  Create a bookmark page.  Start a new page.  Save it as BookmarkPage.htm. Use Bookmark as the title near the top. Type the alphabet with 2 blank spaces after each letter horizontally . Skip 2 lines. Then type the alphabet with 2 blank spaces after the letter vertically with a two blank lines between each letter.  Highlight the 'Z" and the blank space then press [Insert] then [Bookmark] then [OK].  Then highlight the letter "Z" and one blank space in the top alphabet line.  Press [Insert] then [Hyperlink] then [Bookmark] in options then choose 'Z".  Repeat for all letters.
03 Dec 2007 Monday Create a new web today using [File] then [New] then [Web] then select [One page web] and rename it as told to so do by the teacher.
04 Dec 2007 Tuesday Work on new project.  Be sure to have a home page and an about me page and a site map page.  Copy your bookmark page from the old wed and rename is as the site map page to save time.