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= Rand (200,99) (MSWORD odd information) 

3 Column Web Page (Definition and/or Example) 

37 (Information about the number 37)

300 carat man made diamonds (HTM) (In Extra Web)

8514A (Definition) 

A-drive (Definition) (In Computer Applications section) 

About me page (Definition) 

Absolute cell reference (Definition) (Excel) 

Absolute temperature 

Absolute zero  

Absorbent earth 

AC Electric 



Acceleration due to gravity by elevation  

Acceleration due to gravity per latitude 


Acetic ether 

Acetous acid 


Acetylsalicylic acid 

Acid air 

Acid of amber 

Acid of ants 


Access (Program) (Definition) (In Computer Applications section) 

Access (How to open with with Windows XP)

Accounting format (Definition) (Excel)

Acronym (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)

Active cell (Definition) (Excel)

Active sheet tab (Definition) (Excel)

Active Template Library 

Add a drop down menu bar to a Visual Basic program. 

Add a picture to the desktop 

Add forms icon (Visual Basic)

Addition (Definition)

Addition help program  (Program written by Frank Antoniazzi) 


Adiabatic process 


Adobe Acrobat Reader (Definition) 




Airport Information Main Page (In Extra Web)

AKA (Definition) 


Algebra 2 main page of this website 

Algebra of Gold (PowerPoint Presentation) 


Alpha particle 


Alt key 

Alt + F

ALU (Definition) 

Amber Amber 



Ammonium carbonate 

Amorphous solids


AMU or amu  

Anaerobic bacteria 

Anagram (Definition)

Analog (Definition) 



Angle of declination 

Angle of elevation of the Sun on various days in northern hemisphere (PDF)  (In Trig Web)


Angular momentum 

Angular velocity 

Animate (Definition) (PowerPoint) 

Animated GIF 

Animations To Use Main Page (In Extra Web)

Annotation feature (Definition) (PowerPoint) 



Antonyms (Definition) (English)

AOL (Definition) (General Computer term) 


Append (Definition) (Visual Basic)

Application (Definition) (General computer term) 

Aqua Regia 

Archimedes principle 

Area of a circle 

Area of a rectangle 



Aristotle's four elements 

Argument (Definition) (Visual Basic) 


Arithmetic Logic Unit (Definition)


ASC statement (Definition) (GWBasic command)

ASCII (Definition)

ASCII (More information)



Asterisk (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)


Asynchronous Transfer Mode  



Atmospheric Pressure (Normal) 


Atomic mass unit 

Atomic number 

Auto calculate (Definition) (Excel)

Auto complete (Definition) (Excel)

Auto compute in Excel (How to use)

Auto correct (Definition) (MS Word)

Auto fill (Definition) (Excel)

Auto layout (Definition) (PowerPoint)

Auto shapes (Definition) (PowerPoint) 

Automatic transmission 

Average acceleration (Definition) (Physics)

Average speed  (Definition) (Physics)

Avogadro's number

AVI (Filename extension) 

B-drive (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)

Backdoor Trojans (Definition) 

Backslash + n (Definition) (C++)

Backspace key (Definition) 


Baker's Dozen 

Bandwidth (Definition)




Baseball bat 

Basic math home page of this website

Basic math program to help learn addition 

Basic math program to help learn multiplication

Basic math program to help learn subtraction  

BAS (Filename extension) 

Basic math definitions main page 

BAT (Filename extension) (In Computer Applications section) 


Bears Main Page (In Extra Web)


Bernoulli, Daniel 


Bigfoot Main Page (In Extra Web)


Billy Bob 

Binary (Definition)

Binomial Expansion 


Bisecting an angle 

Black body 

Blank assignments page for 1st Quarter 2003-2004 

Blank presentation (Definition) (PowerPoint)

Blank workbook (Definition) (Excel) 

BMP (Filename extension) 

Board foot 

Boat terminology 

Bold (Definition) 

Bolts Main Page (In Extra Web) 

Boltzmann's constant 

Books To Read Main Page (In Extra Web) 

Boston Tea Party Eyewitness Account (In History Section of Extra Web) 

Boston Tea Party Possible Participant List (In History Section of Extra Web) 

Boston Tea Party Participants and Info (In History Section of Extra Web) 

Bottom tap 

Bowie, James (Information 1) (In People Section of Extra Web) 

Boyle, Robert 


Bridges Main Page (In Extra Web) 

British thermal unit 

BSOD (Definition) (General computer term) 



Bubba problem 

Bulleted list (Definition) 

Bullets (Definition) (MS PowerPoint)

Bullets (Definition) (MS Word)

Buoyant force 

Byte (Definition) 

C-drive (Definition)  (In Computer Applications section) 

C++ (Definition and information)  

C++ code to cut and paste main page 

C++ Program (Definition) 

C++ WEB Main Page  


Camptown Races

Camptown racetrack 

Can we have a google of anything on our planet? (In Physicsweb, Extra Problems, Misc Problems) 

Canadian $1,000,000.00 Gold coin (.TXT)


Cannon and Gun Salute Protocol  



Caps lock (Definition)

Caps lock key (Definition) 



Carlson, Chester 

Cartesian Coordinate System 

Case (Definition)

Case (Hardware) 

Cavendish, Henry 

CD (Hardware) 

CD\ (Dos) 

CD backslash (Dos) 

Cell (Definition) (Electricity) 

Cell (Definition) (Excel) 

Cell Phones Main Page (In Extra Web) 

Cell reference (Definition) (Excel)  

Cell phones and floppy disk damage. (In Misc. Section)

Cells (Definition) (Excel) 

Center of gravity 

Center of gravity of a semicircle (Diagram) (GIF) 

Centrifugal force 

Centripetal acceleration 

Centripetal force 

GGS system of measurement 

Charcoal as a fuel for internal combustion engine. (In Extra Web) 

Charge carrier 

Charles Law 

Checkbook register using a spreadsheet (How to create and use) (In Excel section) 

Chromel wire 


CID or C. I. D. 


Circle equations for use with Visual Basic 

Circular slide rule scale (PDF)

Circumference (.MHT)

Civil War Main Page (In Extra Web)

Clipboard (Definition) 


CLS statement (GWBASIC command) 

Coefficient of friction 

Coefficient of friction for various materials (List)

Coefficient of kinetic friction 

Coefficient of static friction 



Command Button in Visual Basic 

Column (Definition) (Excel)  

Column letter (Definition) (Excel) 

Column titles (Definition) (Excel) 

Column width (Definition) (Excel) 

Columns (Definition) (Excel) 

Comma (Definition)

Comma format (Definition) (Excel)

Comment (Definition) (Excel) 

Compiler (Definition) (General computer term)

Complimentary angles 

Compound interest 

Computer Applications Class main page

Computer clock (Definition) (General computer term)

Computer terms etc (Text doc with information copied from somewhere) 

Concrete, strength of  (PDF)

Concrete number 

Concurrent forces 

Conditional Formatting for a checkbook in Excel. 


Confederate States of America 



Contact force 

Contiguous range (Definition) (Excel) 

Control (Definition) (General computer term) 

Control key (Definition) (General computer term) 

Control + C (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + C in DOS (DOS command) 

Control + E  (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + End  (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + L  (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + N   (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + O  (Definition) (General computer term) 

Control + P  (Definition) (General computer term) 

Control + Page Down (Definition) (General computer term) 

Control + Page Up  (Definition) (General computer term) 

Control + R  (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + S  (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + V (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + W (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + X (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + Y (Definition) (General computer term)

Control + Z (Definition) (General computer term) 

Conventional current

Conversion Main Page 

Convert between units of measure 

Convert 60 miles per hour into feet per second (HTM)  (as XLS) (Explanation of process and solution)

Convert Celsius into Fahrenheit 

Convert feet into inches 

Convert inches into centimeters 

Convert inches into feet 

Coordinate systems 

Copernicus, Nicholas 


Copper wire 

Copy (Definition) (In Excel section) 



Coterminal angle 


Coulomb, Charles Agustin de

Coulomb constant

Coulomb per second 

Coulomb's law of electrostatics 

Coulomb's law of magnetism 

Counting numbers 

COUNTIF() (Excel) (How to use) (In excel section) 

cout (C++) 

.CPP (C++) (Filename extension)

Create an Excel spreadsheet to use as a check register.  (In Excel section) 

CRT (Acronym) (General computer term) (In Computer Applications section)

Crystalline solid 


CSS "Hunley" 

Ctrl (Definition) (In Excel section) 

Cube of a number 

Cubic inch 

Cubic inch displacement 

CurDir (Definition) (Used with Visual Basic) (In Computer Applications section)



Current flow 

Curvilinear motion 

Cut (Definition) 


Dalton, John 

Decade (Definition) (General knowledge) (In Computer Applications section)

Default (Definition)

Default color

Default column width (Definition) (Excel) (In Excel section) 

Default settings

Default width (Definition) (Excel) (In Excel section) 

Default workbook (Definition) (Excel) (In Excel section) 

Definitions used in Basic Math 

Definitions used in C++ Programming (In C++ section)

Definitions used in Computers

Definitions used in Microsoft Excel (Excel) (In Excel Section)

Definitions used in Microsoft Front Page 

Definitions used in Microsoft PowerPoint

Definitions used in Microsoft Word (In Word Section) 

Definitions used in science main page 

Definitions used in Trigonometry 

Definitions used in Visual Basic 




Density of water 

Destination (Definition) (Excel) 

Determine the current directory in Visual Basic using CurDir (in VB section) 

Dew point 


Diamond (Patent for making) (In Trig section) 

Diamonds manmade up to 300 carat (HTM) (In Extra Web) 


Directly proportional 

Divide sign (Definition)

DOC (Definition)

Document window (Definition) (MS Word)

DOS (Definition) 

Draw P1P2 ver2 (Visual Basic Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

Drive (Definition) 

Drop down menu bar in a Visual Basic program. 




Elements (Definition) 

Eight classes of words 

Einstein's equation 

Elastic modulus 

Elastic potential energy 

Electric charge 

Electric conductor 

Electric field intensity 

Electric field line 

Electric line of force  


Electrochemical equivalent 

Electromotive force


Electron mass 

Elevation of the Sun on various days in northern hemisphere as PDF  (In Trig Web)

EMF or emf 

Email addresses for KCHS Computer Classes to use 

Emissivity table 

END statement (GWBASIC)

Equation of line between 2 points (Visual Basic Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

Equations involving a circle (For Visual Basic programming)

Equation of a line (Slope Intercept form)

Equations main page 

Excel (Program) (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)

Excel main page of this website

Excel spreadsheet showing conversion of 60 mph into 88 fps (XLS)

Expand the Check Register created in Excel for more entries. 

Express the tangent in terms of the cosine. (Trigonometry) 

FactorNumber1 (Visual Basic Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

Faith and Quantum Theory (5 page PDF article by Stephen M. Barr) 

[File] (In menu bar) Definition

Find length of a string variable with GWBASIC using LEN(A$) 

Flatland by Edwin Abbot (Book to read) (In Extra Web)

Floppy drive (Definition) (Hardware) (In Computer Applications section)

Flying buttress (Included photographs)

Font (Definition) 

Font selection by types (Copied from another site)

Font size (Definition) 

Footer (Definition) (Excel)

Footer (Definition) (PowerPoint)

Format (Definition) (Excel)

Formula bar (Definition) (Excel)

Fractions divided by fractions and mixed numbers/mixed numbers. 

Franklin, Benjamin 

Freeware (Definition)

Front Page (Program) (Definition)

Full block (Definition)

Full block letter (Definition) 

Gateway (Definition) (Networking)

General case solution for two linear equations. (In algebra section) 

General Computer Class Rules 1 

Goal of the Computer Applications Class

Goal of the Microsoft Excel Class

Goal of the Microsoft PowerPoint Class

Goal of the Microsoft Word Class 

Goal of the Visual Basic Class 

Gold, The Algebra of (PowerPoint Presentation) 

Google (Math) 

Google (Search engine)

Google (Can we have a google of anything on Earth?) 

Green wavy underline (Definition) (MS Office) (In Computer Applications section)

Guides (Definition) PowerPoint)

Gun and cannon salute protocol 


KCHS class schedules 

H (Filename extension) 

Handles (Definition) (PowerPoint) 

Hard drive (Definition) 

Hardware (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)

Herons Formula (Visual Basic Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

Heron's Formula as a PowerPoint Presentation 

Holidays Main Page (In Extra Web) 

HOW DO I ______ in GWBASIC main page

HOW TO convert 60 miles per hour into feet per second (Explanation)

HOW TO for Excel main page 

HOW TO for Front Page main page

HOW TO for PowerPoint main page

HOW TO for Visual Basic main page 

HOW TO for Word main page 

How to make a Startup Disk for Windows ME (In Comp_Fix_Info1 section)

HOW TO make diamonds (Patent for making) (In Trig section for some strange reason)

HTML (Acronym) (Definition)

ICO (Filename extension) (Definition) 


ImagEdit (Program) 

INPUT statement (GWBASIC command)

Insert a horizontal page break in an Excel worksheet

Insert a vertical page break in an Excel worksheet 

Insertion point (Definition)


Internet (Definition)

Internet Service Provider (Definition) 

Introduction to Visual Basic Programming (In Visual Basic, Daily work section)

iostream.h (Info and code) (C++) (In Computer Applications section)

ISP (Acronym) (In Computer Applications section)

KB (Acronym) (In Computer Applications section)

KCHS (Acronym) (In Computer Applications section)

Kilobyte (Definition) (In Computer Applications section) 

Kinzua Bridge Information and Photographs Page (In Extra Web)

Leap year information (In Trig section of this web)

LED (Acronym) (Hardware) (In Computer Applications section)

LEN statement (GWBASIC command) 


Length of the Camptown Racetrack 

Light emitting diode (Hardware) (In Computer Applications section) 



Line segment 


Linear equation

Line feed for output when using C++ (\n) (C++) 

Listing of Wingdings and Webdings 

Make a Startup Disk for Windows ME  

Man made diamonds up to 300 carats (HTM) (In Extra Web)

Math main page of this website 

Maximum elevation of the Sun on various days in northern hemisphere as PDF  (In Trig Web)

Mixed numbers and fractions divided by fractions (As inn the tangent) 

Menu Bar creation in Visual Basic 

Microsoft Access (Program) (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)

Microsoft Excel (Program) (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)

Microsoft Front Page (Program) (Definition) (In Computer Applications section) 

Microsoft GIF Animator (Program) 

Microsoft Image Composer (Program)

Microsoft Office 97

Microsoft Office 2000

Microsoft Office XP

Microsoft Outlook (Program)

Microsoft Outlook Express (Program)

Microsoft Paint (Program)

Microsoft PowerPoint (Definition) (Program)

Microsoft Publisher (Program) 

Microsoft Windows 3.1

Microsoft Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 98

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition

Microsoft Windows 2000

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition

Microsoft Word (Program)

Miles per hour into feet per second (Explanation of process and example 60mph into fps)

Miles per hour into feet per second (Text Chart in Common Info for all classes Section)

Modified block (Definition) 

Modified block letter (Definition) 

Mouse pads from the US NAVY (April 2004)

Multiplication help program (Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

Neutron (Definition) 

Nonprinting character (Definition) 

Normal atmospheric pressure 


Numerator (Definition) 

Object Oriented Programming (Definition from website) 

Ohm's Law 2.1 (Visual Basic Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

Panes (Excel) (Definition)

Paragraph mark (Definition)

Paragraph symbol (Definition) 

Parts of speech 

Password protected (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)

Paste (Definition) (General computer term)

Patent for making diamonds (In Trig Section)

Path (Definition) (General computer term)

PC (Acronym) (Definition) 

PDF (Filename extension) 

Perfect number defined

Perfect numbers (List of the first 7 perfect numbers) 

Periodic Table from 1925 (PDF) (From 1927 Handbook of Chem. + Physics)

Personal computer (Definition) 

PGP (Acronym) (Program) (Definition) (In Computer Applications section)

Physics Main Page 

POT (Filename extension) (PowerPoint) 

PowerPoint (Definition) 

PowerPoint presentation (Definition) 

PowerPoint Presentation on Heron's Formula 

PowerPoint Presentation on The Algebra of Gold  

PPS (Filename extension) (In Computer Applications section)

PPT (Filename extension) (In Computer Applications section) 

Predicate of a sentence 


Program to assist in learning addition. 

Program to assist in learning multiplication. 

Program to assist learning subtraction 

Protocol for gun and cannon salutes 

Pretty Good Privacy (Program) (In Computer Applications section)

Prime number defined

Prime numbers (List of prime numbers up to 1,000,000) 



Quadratic Equation Solver 1.0 (Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

Quantum Theory Main Page (In Physics Web)

Quick Picture Viewer 4.0 (Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

QuikPic4.exe (Program written by Frank Antoniazzi)

Quotes Main Page  

Railroad pictures taken 20110530 by Mr. A. (Webpage)

Reconciliation Service schedule 

Rectangle, Equation for area 

Red wavy underline (Definition) (MS Office)

Roman Numerals 

Royal Water 

Rule of 72 as a PDF document

Run another executable program from your Visual Basic program using Shell 

Salutation (Definition)

Saluting by cannon or gunfire (Protocol for so doing)

Sans Sarif Fonts (List of sans sarif fonts) (Copied from another site)

Sarif Fonts (List of sarif fonts) (Copied from another site)

Save (Definition)

Save as (Definition) 

Save Target As  (Definition)

Schedules for KCHS main page 

Science definitions main page 

Science main page 

Search engine 

Select text (Definition) 

Semicircle diagram showing center of gravity 


Shift +    

Shift +    

Shift +   

Shift +    

Shift + 8

Shift + Tab 

Shift key

SI (Definition measurement system)

Simultaneous linear equations solved for the general case. (In algebra section)

Site map for Algebra 2 web 

Site map for Extra Web 

Site map for Visual Basic web 

Slide rule, circular slide rule scale (PDF)

Slope Intercept Equation for a line 

Solitaire score (Good score by Mr. A

Solve for tangent where both sides are mixed numbers. or (As MS Word 2000 document)

Solve two simultaneous linear equations for the general case. (In algebra section) 

Square root of 2 

Square root of 3 

Square root of 5 

Start button (Definition)

Start Microsoft PowerPoint when using Windows XP 

Startup Disk for Windows ME (How to make)

Status bar (Definition) 

Status bar (Definition) (PowerPoint) 

Strength of Concrete (PDF)

Subject of a sentence 



Subtraction help program by Mr. A. 

Sum (Definition in Basic Math Section)

Synonym (Definition) 

Tangent shown in terms of the cosine 

TCP/IP (Definition) 

Terms for Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Exercise 01 

Terms for Microsoft Word 2000 Exercise 01 

Terms for Microsoft Word 2000 Exercise 02 

Terms for Microsoft Word 2000 Exercise 01 thru Exercise 02 

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. (MSWORD ODD INFO)

Thesaurus (Definition) 

Time for value of money to double with compound interest as a PDF document 

Title bar (Definition)

Toggle (Definition)

Trigonometric functions expressed in terms of the tangent (As MSWord doc.

Trig Tables to 4 decimal places (As PDF) (As XLS)

Trigonometry Class Main Page 


Two, square root of 

Two linear equations solved for the general case. (In algebra section) 

Unknown Soldier, Information about  (In Extra Web)

Use charcoal to run an internal combustion engine (In Extra Web) 

Useful Visual Basic Programs

Using date as part of filename for chronological sorting of files. 


Veteran's Day Info 01

View (Definition) (MS Word)

View buttons (Definition) (MS Word) 

Visual Basic Class main page 

Visual Basic web site map 

Voice over Internet Protocol (Definition)

VOIP (Definition) 

Wallpaper (Definition) 

Water, density of 


Watt, James 


Web page creation terms main page for Microsoft Front Page 




What base was used on this page?

Who uses trigonometry? 

Whole numbers 

Why automobiles provide safety from lightning 

Why lightning rods work 

Why should you save a file before you start working on the file? 

Windows 7 

Windows 95 (Operating system info)

Windows ME Add/Remove Programs Properties Box (Picture of)

Windows ME Control Panel (Picture of)

Windows ME Startup Disc Creating 


Wingdings and Webdings Listing 

Wire nut 

Word Class main page

Word processing (Definition)

Word processor (Definition)


Worksheets for Math & Science Main Page 


yyyymmdd (Definition)



Zeroth law of thermodynamics