Great Blue Herons Pictures Taken on 09 May 2010

GreatBlueHeronDSCF0583.JPG (144295 bytes) GreatBlueHeronDSCF0584.JPG (132714 bytes) This row taken at 10X optical zoom GreatBlueHeronDSCF0585.JPG (150928 bytes) GreatBlueHeronDSCF0586.JPG (189575 bytes)
GreatBlueHeronDSCF0589.JPG (159060 bytes) GreatBlueHeronDSCF0590.JPG (147979 bytes) GreatBlueHeronDSCF0591.JPG (150796 bytes) GreatBlueHeronDSCF0592.JPG (149559 bytes) GreatBlueHeronDSCF0594.JPG (156319 bytes)
GreatBlueHeronDSCF0595.JPG (214043 bytes) The bottom row as taken at 60X digital zoom handheld. GreatBlueHeronDSCF0596.JPG (112398 bytes)   GreatBlueHeronDSCF0597.JPG (89556 bytes)

These pictures were taken by FJA along the Neshannock Creek just south of Volant, PA.